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Saturday, June 8, 2019

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Event: The Generational Wealth Online Summit
Sunday, June 2 - Saturday, June 8, 2019

Imagine a FREE event that gives you proven strategies on all things business, wealth, and success all designed to give you the tools to secure your future and build a lasting legacy.

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Topic: The Wealth Secrets of the 1%
Amelia Thomas is a tax accountant who specializes in tax planning for minority business owners using the strategies of the 1%. Amelia’s passions lie in assisting families with creating legacy building frameworks that will carry the family wealth forward for the next 200 years. She has a dedicated “money team” that includes attorneys, CPA’s and other qualified professionals to ensure that one, cohesive strategy is implemented to grow and protect her client’s assets.

Amelia earned a B.S. in Business Administration in Finance from Alabama State University and a M.S. in Financial Planning from Kansas State University. She holds 11 licenses which provide her with the ability to create and manage investment portfolios but to also supervise the financing deals of stadiums, toll bridges and initial public offerings. Last, she actively works to eliminate the “illusion of inclusion” regarding the use of black businesses in local government and corporate contracting. 
Amelia Thomas
Topic: 5 Credit Hacks to Soar Your Credit!
Netiva Heard is the personal finance coach people call when the only thing standing between them and their next major life move is their finances. Affectionately known to her clients as the “The Goal Crusher's Credit Coach”, she offers honest, no-non-cents advice that helps individuals and couples to create rock-solid financial foundations that they can begin leveraging to create. While servicing hundreds of private clients with 1:1 coaching through her full-service company, MNH Financial Services, she also regularly pours her financial wisdom into members of her Credit on Fire Members Club, and her free online community, Credit Makes $ense, which has allowed her to teach over 200,000 people how to achieve 700 FICO scores and above.

With Netiva by their side, women and couples across the country are learning to Master their Money, Destroy their Debts, and Soar their Credit Scores! If you know it’s time to finally crush your money goals, learn more about Netiva and her work at

Netiva Heard
Topic: Debt Or Dollar – 3 Ways To Use Insurance To Keep Your Family Out Of Debt
With over 20 years of sales and business experience, Calbert Coakley is the founder and CEO of Coakley Financial Group and The Closing Academy. Coakley Financial Group is an award-winning insurance agency and is a leading partner with the largest Final Expense Insurance Company in America.

The Closing Academy was started by Calbert and his wife Renee Coakley to help their agents and other business owners sell their products. Many of the agents in their award-winning insurance company had never sold anything before, but with coaching and training from Cal & Renee, they saw a great deal of success. Calbert & Renee were training their agents on how to close the sale.
Eventually, word got around and others in the industry saw the success that their agents were having and wanted to be coached and trained my Calbert & Renee. From then on, The Closing Academy was born on the belief that sales is a teachable skill. Through a series of simple, yet powerful techniques, you and your sales team can hit and exceed your numbers month after month.

Calbert Coakley and Renee Coakley are sought after leaders and speakers. Combined they have over 30 years of sales and business experience. They travel the country training small businesses and corporations on the art of closing sales using their rock-solid sales methodology. Calbert and Renee have an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship as well as a desire to teach. Their future goals are to expand their products to include additional courses and books for those who are looking to master the art of selling.
Cal & Renee Coakley
Topic: Money Moves that Make YOU Money
With over 20 years of accounting experience, Hope S. Piggee C.P.A is better known as “the fixer” when it comes to helping clients navigate financial decisions. Hope began her illustrious career working in the private sector before moving over to a well-known Fortune 500 company. After years of honing her craft and processing tens of millions of dollars in transactions for large companies, she began working with individual entrepreneurs and small businesses as a side venture.

Hope quickly began to notice that these businesses needed help understanding how to interpret financial statements. So she opened her own firm to help business owners make better financial decisions with a clearer knowledge of accounting and the impacts to their businesses. As her name grew around business circles and word-of-mouth, Hope began to enjoy seeing these same businesses grow and expand based on their newfound understanding of their bottom line.

This same fact can be true in the reverse, when businesses have not understood the value of accounting and its impact. Hope has the heart of a teacher when it comes to helping her client’s understand the importance of accounting and proper bookkeeping. “Either you run a business or you have a hobby?” Hope is quick to share with potential client’s her view on the practicality of hiring an accountant, The question should not be, ”can I afford an accountant?” The better question would be to ask yourself, “can I afford not to have an accountant.”

Hope keeps her skills sharp by regularly teaching accounting courses on the collegiate level and continues to speak at conferences in and around the Charlotte, NC area. Although she doesn’t consider herself a business “coach”, she enjoys helping clients save money and do what they do best, which is focus on their business. Every business is unique and faces its own set of challenges, and Hope sees it as her job to put that business in the best position possible that capitalizes on its advantages, minimizes risk and increases profitability. The end result is you end up in a better position to make the best decisions for your business.
Hope S. Piggee
Topic: Retired at 24!
Born in Atlanta, GA and raised in Seattle,WA Ivan Gaskin, was born an entrepreneur. From the age of seven to age eighteen, Ivan held over 32 positions, over half of which were self-appointed in businesses that he started. Ivan went on to translate his work ethic in to a scholarship to a better high school across town, which allowed him to become the only one of his five closest friends in middle school to graduate high school. Continuing with the theme of scholarship, Ivan went on to secure a Full-ride Academic Scholarship to Morehouse College, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. While in college, he launched his first tech startup, a mobile Augmented-Reality application called Reflect. He and his team went on to secure contracts with fortune 500 companies such as Lexus - Toyota and an array of other household names, as well as notoriety on local and smaller national news stations.

Upon graduation his team’s success with Reflect allowed him to continue his eight-year run of living on scholarship by allowing him to use the profits to purchase his first home at the age of 22. The home was a duplex that paid for itself and even provided a profit after the mortgage was paid. This home gave birth to his next business, GoodDirt Realty. Ivan began to build GoodDirt while leveraging his technical background to do what he had to do to earn capital of his own which he believed he could use to purchase his freedom permanently.

He took a position as an SAP Consultant with Deloitte, the world’s largest professional services firm. There he gained a wealth of experience that he began to apply on a personal level to his real estate business. Leveraging his entrepreneurial background and strong ties to the Atlanta University Center, Ivan began to provide affordable off-campus student housing which was in close proximity to the campuses. He continued to work at Deloitte, focus on his speaking career and growing his Real Estate firm. Over the course of eighteen months, GoodDirt Realty grew from a company having zero assets to over a million-dollar portfolio that owned nine individual units and with additional units under management.

Ivan Gaskin
Topic: 3 Myths that Destroy Families & Cause Financial Crisis
Attorney Kemlia Reed Sherman is the founder and managing attorney of Reed Sherman Law Firm. Kemlia is a family law and estate planning expert committed to educating and empowering families to preserve relationships, secure their wealth and protect their legacies. Kemlia is licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia and accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs, however she has presented estate planning seminars that have reached thousands of families nationwide. 

Kemlia received her Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and her Juris Doctor and Family Law Certificate from Howard University School of Law. She is a member of several local, state and national bar associations and a national estate planning organization where she receives continuing legal education to stay informed of the latest changes in the laws and issues to ensure that she’s providing her clients with the quality representation they deserve.
Kemlia Reed Sherman
Topic: How Faith Impacts Success
Darryl L. Winston is a native of Atlanta, GA. He is a graduate of the prestigious Northside High School. He matriculated at Bishop College in Dallas, Texas and received a Bachelor in Social Welfare from the GSU.

He is known for his unique empowerment approach offering progressive strategies in the faith communities as well as the marketplace. He has lectured at national conferences, colleges, and universities.

His visionary leadership has resulted in numerous national and local initiatives aimed at empowering and educating the masses of people that have been marginalized spiritually, socially, economically and politically. As an entrepreneur and business strategist, he has organized churches and outreach initiatives fostering tremendous growth and monumental advancements by launching a plethora of for-profit and nonprofit entities, to include community development corp., community housing groups, child development centers and recovery programs aimed at benefiting veterans as well as persons with disabilities.

He has written Op-Eds for numerous publications, such as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution along with other national publications. As a leading figure in community affairs, he has made appearances on several networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN, TBN, CBN and other national and local media outlets for various empowerment projects. Darryl Winston is the recipient of numerous awards for his outstanding contributions throughout the nation and celebrated as an influential spiritual leader. Darryl Winston is the husband of Juakena Winston, has four children.

Darryl Winston
Topic: Your House is an Investment Account
Hi, I am Wes Murphy!! I urge you to get to know me and then trust my team and I with your real estate wealth building dreams and goals. We take a unique approach to the mortgage process and help our clients leverage their almighty dollar to become not only financially free but as wealthy as they want to be. I began my career in the mortgage industry during the descent into perhaps its most challenging Valley to date- 2006. Due to unwavering resolve, creativity and commitment to customer service, I have navigated the difficulties of that initial path and formed one of the most recognized Mortgage Teams in the state of Georgia.

We work diligently and tirelessly each day in an effort to build a force that the mortgage industry rarely sees. My trademark enthusiasm and solutions-only approach to each and every deal and its unique structure is what allow my team and I to continuously over-deliver on client and partner expectations. As a landlord and real estate investor myself, I wear many hats that allow our clients access to strategy that most simply cannot reach. Also, our ability to do a great job for you comes from you believing in me enough to allow me to earn your business. Since we are able to work with so many buyers there is not an issue we have not seen and that means smoother sailing for you. My core values are if you take the time to educate, inform and offer customized solutions with clients based on their short term and long term financial goals only good things can happen to you. Contact me today and trust me to help you purchase your dream home or next income property!!
Wesley Murphy
Topic: Securing Retirement with Self-Directed IRAs
Mike has over 15 years of experience as a Top Producer in the mortgage banking industry, in the Atlanta area. During his 40+ years in the Atlanta area, he has started, built and sold multiple companies to large national corporations. He has an exceptional background in providing superior customer service and communication to his clients. Mike holds an MLO license with the Federal and State Departments of Banking and Finance. In his current role, he assists new clients and investors by providing them with the education and knowledge to be successful in self-directing their retirement accounts. He regularly teaches a 3 Hour CE class on self-directing for realtors. Mike also is a frequent attendee and guest speaker at real estate (and non-real estate) associations and networking groups in the Atlanta and the South East. Mike has been a contributor as an expert resource for Think Realty Magazine along with many other financial and real estate radio shows and podcasts. 
Mike Ventry
Topic: How Faith Impacts Success
For over 30 years, she has embraced mankind with a mothering nature while teaching the Word of God with an unmistakable, dramatic flair.
Throughout childhood, her mother taught her the value of living without judgment, prejudice, or hatred, and to always operate in unconditional love. The fruits of Dr. Connie's upbringing are evident in God's Grace upon her to attract people from atheists to life-long believers to hear His unadulterated Word and experience His love in a new light.

Armed with a strong prophetic gift, Dr. Connie has prophesied to a diverse range of leaders from all backgrounds including the political, sports, and business industries.
Additionally, she has served as a prophetic consultant for both Fortune 500 companies and various entertainment industry projects, and she is a circuit speaker for national and international network programs and conferences. She is a best selling author of several books including, Purpose 101: The Marketplace Edition and her most recent work, The Age of God: A Revolution of Ancient Thought. 
With authenticity and clarity, Dr. Connie defines herself as a “midwife prophet”; one who assists in spiritual delivery, revelation, and proper identification of what God deposits within his people to reach the new realms and dimensions He has ordained. 
Regarding her current assignment, she adds, “My passion during this season is to be a master teacher and master prophet, and to do my part in birthing this Melchizedek move. To teach and prophesy – that's my goal. In every circumstance – death, poverty, calamity, confusion - I simply speak life.” 
Dr. Connie Williams 
Topic: Inspiring Entrepreneurship in Your Children
Immanuel Johnson is a driven and disciplined young man, with an impressive list of accomplishments for his short sixteen years. An entrepreneur at heart, Immanuel has always found creative outlets for his passions. As a child, he would make some cash by selling items on Craigslist. At twelve, Immanuel started buying cars wholesale with his grandfather and reselling them for profit. Among his sales include a 47-passenger bus as well as an 18-wheeler cargo truck. His learn-as-you-go mentality and his tenacity for research and budgeting also served him well in the real estate business. Immanuel’s initiative and quick thinking earned him his first house sale at the tender age of thirteen!

Immanuel has put the same amount of investment and strategy into his future. He is involved in a dual enrollment program that allows him to earn college credit as a high school student. By the time Immanuel graduates’ high school, he will be almost halfway done with his college coursework! Immanuel plans to major in psychology and to eventually earn his masters and doctorate to support his work in the area of adolescent counseling. His ambition for mentoring and working with youth has landed him a full-time position as an after-school instructor and a camp counselor for the summer.

Immanuel’s faith is the foundation to his incredible journey. His deep-seated desire to follow the calling that God has placed on his life has given him great peace and confidence in using his natural gifts. This humility and attentiveness to God’s leading also translates into a lifestyle of learning. Education is not confined to a classroom. Life always offers teaching moments, and Immanuel remains an ever-attentive student.
Immanuel Johnson 
Topic: Inspiring Entrepreneurship in Your Children
Regina Polk is a Productivity Coach and mentor having impacted countless professionals in the Keller Williams real estate franchise, the largest by agent count in the world. Regina studied at The Ohio State University which sparked the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. In 2003, Regina obtained her real estate license to practice in the state of Georgia. Shortly thereafter, she began her specialization in new home sales which led into a relationship with a prominent New Homes Builder in the Atlanta market. Regina had a long record of successfully guiding buyers through the sales process while grossing millions in sales volume year after year. It is no surprise that Regina centers her life on family. A native of Talladega, Alabama, Regina is the proud mother of a daughter and son. Both have grown to become outstanding examples in their community. Those that have grown to know and love her, appreciate the positive energy she generates each day. Even through the most difficult time of caring for her ailing mother, she maintained the most positive spirit. After losing her mother to cancer, she chose to celebrate life and focused on her commitment to giving back. She's passionate about empowering young girls between the ages of 10 to 16.

With encouragement of friends and family, Regina decided to pursue her Broker's license in 2013. The following January, she came on board as Associate Broker at Keller Williams Buckhead. With the highest level of determination, she worked tireless hours redeveloping new relationships in the Buckhead area. Regina specializes in applying her expertise and market knowledge to educate, guide, direct and motivate agents in building a successful business through support and accountability. Regina understands one must constantly think BIG. It is this mindset that allows her to help others break through any of their limiting beliefs. In addition to being an active volunteer with Special Olympics of Georgia and the Atlanta Board of REALTORS, Regina serves as an ambassador to one of Atlanta's largest real estate networking groups, Real Estate Connection ATL. She's excited about living in her passion of sharing in dream creation.
Regina Swain Polk 
Meet Kito J. Johnson,
Founder, CEO
Kito J. Johnson is an accomplished real estate broker who specializes in teaching others how to create generational wealth through principles of real estate investing and entrepreneurship. A licensed broker in several states including his Georgia home, his stellar career spans over 20 years and boasts involvement in over 1,000 real estate transactions. 

As CEO of Atlanta-based brokerage, Buy n Sell, Inc., Kito has been dubbed “the guy to know” in circles ranging from community leaders to elite investors.

He’s served as an acquisitions agent and broker for the Blackstone Group’s Invitation Homes, one of the largest single family hedge funds in the country, and as part of the 6th largest Keller Williams team in the world. Aside from his impeccable work ethic, Kito’s success can be attributed to his unique approach to real estate investing that reflects a healthy balance between risk taking and practicality. He’s also a master at networking and developing relationships that encourage the growth of his enterprises.
A brilliant and trustworthy businessman with a heart for people and a passion for teaching, Kito’s clients feel confident working with him to help realize their dreams of creating generational wealth through real estate investing. With his signature event, The Generational Wealth Summit, he and his team assemble the best and brightest in the industry for a strategy heavy and highly informative conference about wealth and investing. His goal with the summit and the array of digital courses he offers is to educate and train aspiring investors and the general public alike, on how to understand the market and invest wisely.

The essence of Kito’s work is driven by an unrelenting desire to create a legacy of financial wealth and freedom in his community beginning with his own children, Immanuel and Imani. They are his greatest achievements to date, and it is with great pride that he trains them to experience and embrace unprecedented financial destinies. When he’s not working tirelessly on expanding his investing empire, Kito enjoys spending time with his family and exploring new cultures through international travel.

Keep Building…


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